Club History

The Central Spears started in Canberra in 2012 but the name and the legacy of the team goes back much further and can be traced back to the city of Hamilton, New Zealand some 2,000-odd kilometres away.

In the summer of 1998, the Hamilton based Waikato Spears made an entrance into the New Zealand American Football Association (NZAFA) Competition.  They competed for five years in the NZAFA Competition winning four championships (one year they were runners-up), followed by two years in the Gridiron New Zealand Competition.

Waikato Spears, Hamilton, New Zealand

Waikato Spears, Hamilton, New Zealand

Key personnel of the Club have since relocated to the ACT, and the Spears legacy now lives on in the Capital city of Australia.

Club Positions


President                Jason O'Brien

Vice President        Nathan Cope

Secretary                Deb Kaufline

Treasurer                Bridgette MacArthur

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